My Mentor likes to remind me that “everyone has a story”.  A story that is real; a story that is important; a story that matters. 

Many years acting on the professional stage have taught me to view the world from another person’s perspective - I spend a lot of time diving into the backstories of these characters I portray. Factual or fictional, I try to understand what their experience might be, what their real “story” is, and then how best to tell it.  

Who are They?  What are They? Where are They? When did They? and Why do They do what they do?  I’m inquisitive, and in a perpetual search for the answers to these questions. Now, I look through the lens of my camera to answer and capture them.

Whether on stage or behind a camera, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But, that doesn’t make the story any less real. A picture is so much more than a picture; it’s an emotion, a feeling, a mood, a memory:  the glow of the sun at dusk on a warm summer in Venice, a young couple madly in love embraced on a Californian beach, a mother gently tying the silk satin bow on her daughter’s wedding dress.  It’s real, it’s important, and they’re stories that I love to tell.

I am currently based out of Orange County in Southern California, where I live with my husband James and our two cats, Bianca & Oliver.  Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me regarding any questions you may have.  We all have a story to tell - if you have the WHY I can handle the HOW.